R4i Gold 3DS

After the Nintendo corporation released the infamous firmware update for the DSi console which made the majority of r4i cards useless the R4i team were faced with major problems as many users worldwide had no solution to fixing their cards. Their solution was to release the R4i Gold; this card was designed to work with the v1.4 firmware along with any future firmware updates that would be released. With the R4i Gold, the R4i team had created the first device that was popular with both the v1.4 and v1.4.1 firmware updates which previously had prevented many r4i cards from working. Many users around the world were looking for a solution to this problem and as results sales for the R4i Gold skyrocketed, it quickly became one of the best selling R4 cards.

Building on the successful features of the previous R4i and r4 cards the R4i Gold is a superb device that supports the latest in flash card technology such as Micro SDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity along with a huge range of file types allowing you to have endless fun on your console for hours on end. One of the main improvements that the R4i gold offers over its earlier cousins is the ability to automatically update itself to the latest firmware from R4i team, this is thanks to the built in chip which allows you to automatically update the R4i Gold, all without any human interference. This has added to further sales for the R4i Gold as many consumers are no more confident that their card is unlikely to become obsolete and this is perfectly true, it will remain a great device compatible with the latest firmware for years to come.

In recent months with new updates from Nintendo blocking older cards, the R4i Gold has continued to work thanks to constant updates from the R4i and they work around the clock to ensure their cards continue working.